Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Consumer Protection and Standards

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employments Consumer Protection & Standards branch investigates complaints from the public about short weight or measure, unsafe consumer goods, and fuel quality, and provides occupational licensing and registratio

The Ministry’s Consumer Protection & Standards branch also provides general information and education on consumer law and related issues. However, it is not resourced to provide direct advice to all consumers. In the first instance, consumers should contact their nearest Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Community Law Centre, or for credit issues their Budgeting Advice Service.

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  • Consumer Protection.
  • Trading Standards.
  • MBIE occupational licensing.
  • New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority.

  • Making a complaint relating to…
  • Weight or measure.
  • Unsafe products.
  • Electrical workers.
  • Building practitioners.
  • Immigration advisers.
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