Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA)

The Independent Police Conduct Authority is an independent body that keeps watch over the Police.

The Authority is an Independent, Crown Entity and is not part of the Police. It is headed by a Board with a Judge as the Chair.

It accepts complaints alleging Police misconduct or neglect of duty; or complaints about Police practices, policies and procedures. Examples of ‘misconduct’ include excessive or unreasonable use of force, dishonesty, threats or harassment, unlawful arrest, and a range of other actions. ‘Neglect of duty’ includes failure to investigate, prosecute, notify or respond to a crime. The Authority has its own investigators and also oversees Police investigations into complaints.

The Authority also investigates incidents involving Police that has resulted in the death of, or serious bodily injury to, any person. The police are required by law to notify the Authority of such incidents and the Authority the considers whether an independent investigation is required, even if it does not receive a complaint.

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